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Legal Marketing Machine

Legal Marketing Machine is a division of How to Dominate Local Markets, a full service digital marketing agency.We help Law firms grow with proven marketing solutions that help them differentiate from the crowd.


Our mission is to level the playing field, so everyone can realize their vision by following our proven Value road map to discover their strongest marketing position and their optimized path to profitability.

Legal Marketing Machine™

We used the REAL ROI™ to identify the digital Marketing components proven to generate the highest return for the least amount of initial cost and risk.

The components work alone or are combined. Combining components exponentially multiplies website traffic and qualified leads so you realize non-linear business growth.

REAL ROI Branding™

Today, the same philosophy – to use value and differentiation to win more sales at higher margins is accomplished with – REAL ROI Branding™.

We share our REAL ROI Branding™ templates so companies, solo entrepreneurs, and large companies who know their value can document their unique, differentiating features. Be forewarned: intangible assets are hard to see, quantify and communicate.

Our company is located in Kearny, NJ, and our growing team works from anywhere and everywhere. Of course, we use REAL ROI to guide the company forward.

Our Story – “Improve the Quality of Your Business™”

Our position in the internet marketing landscape stems from a successful track record of creating “go-to-market positioning” and sales processes that transformed our clients into customer-centric organizations.


  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Google My Business


  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Persona Development
  • Lead Magnets

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